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The picture at upper left shows a house with cosmetic distress symptoms, but potential buyers may be scared away, fearing structural damage. It may be difficult for the seller to realize a fair market value for his property.

Defects such as cracks in brick veneer, cracks on the corners of the foundation, and small cracks in the drywall may not be structural problems. If there is a structural problem, the seller will be able to address them prior to listing the house.

An engineering report with an elevation survey (see drawing at middle left) and a discussion on the structural components of the house will let potential buyers know:

Problems are not being covered up or hidden

Full disclosure has been provided on the structural portion of the home.

Previous problems with the structural integrity of the house have been addressed appropriately.

As your independent Engineering Consultants, we can help you to make your home more sellable.

Call today for information on our special sellers’ packages. They are comprehensive, reliable, and easily pay for themselves by helping you get the best value for your home.