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The picture at top left shows a house that looks beautiful from the street, and has no obvious signs of structural damage.

The drawing at middle left is an elevation survey showing that the house has a 5" differential foundation movement. Without an elevation survey, a potential buyer may not know that this house has problems.

The picture at lower left shows a crack that may or may not indicate significant problems. A seller could easily patch this crack and the buyer would not be aware of potential problems. In this case, an engineering study revealed the foundation movement that resulted in the crack.

A potential buyer should consider the following options:

The house may require extensive upkeep and future repairs. If the buyer is not prepared to engage in home improvement projects, he may prefer to walk away from the property and look for another house.

Since the house will likely require more work in the future, the buyer can make an offer on the house with knowledge of the structural problems present, and the realtor can negotiate a better deal.

As your independent Engineering Consultants, we will help you to make educated decisions and advise you on the pros and cons of your largest investment.

Call today for information on our special buyers’ packages. They are quick, inexpensive, reliable, and provide peace of mind.